Saturday, 8 August 2015

Projects for Term 3- 2015

On Thursday 6th August we conducted a waste audit on our school.
A great effort with many students from different classes gathering the waste in our school in preparation for the audit.
During the morning the Enviro Team were busy painting  the mural on the fence behind the gardens.
At 12 noon we met Toni Watts and commenced our audit.
There was rubbish all over the place and what fun we had!
We were shocked to see how much rubbish is collected in 1 day. This provides accurate data for us to implement an action plan to do something about it.
Collected was a large container of empty packets that is unable to be recycled, a large container of left over food that is being wasted.
We really enjoyed our day and a big thank you for Toni Watts the Enviro Schools facilitator for assisting us with this audit.
Results can be viewed in our library.

Upcoming projects/events:
Action plan:
 -Promote rubbish free lunch boxes
- Remove the 2 rubbish bins we have at school to decrease the amount of rubbish within our school
- Continue to educate students and the school community
- Bronze reflection 3rd September 9am-12.30pm.
- Fundraising project
- Plant seeds in our gardens
- Complete garden signs
- Make recycled seating out of tyres
-Paint a base coat on the rest of the fence behind the team gardens
-Trip to Southbrook refuse Station

Plastic bottle caps
Vinyl/waterproof material 
Foam for seating
Car Tyres
Treated plywood
Plants for the gardens
Flower plants 

We would appreciate your help and if you have some spare time please come and see Mrs Heeman in Room 6.

Please come and have a look and any ideas appreciated. We have a suggestions box in the library.

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