Friday, 30 September 2016


The Enviro Team have been busy with their ongoing education to classrooms to reduce, reuse and recycle rubbish. All the classrooms have a bokashi bucket or access to one for all our food wastage. Fruit scraps continue to be collected for our worm farm.

Last semester the students performed a play in front of the whole school sending a message to our school community how to care for our environment and reduce wastage. This was well received.

In August we had our annual waste audit and what an improvement. Last year there was 50.7 kg of waste this year in 2016 -8 kg of waste. Over 4 kg was made up of food scraps. Well done Ashgrove School we are thrilled with these results.

Our Enviro gardens have been resown with plants ready for summer produce. The teams are in the process of planting their produce which is exciting to see.

The Santa's Grotto committee has asked the Enviro Team to make an igloo out of milk cartons so watch this space and we will post a picture of it once completed. This igloo will be a part of the Santa's Grotto at Christmas time. The structure will be plenty big enough to fit a few people inside it.

We are running our annual potato growing competition so good luck to the potential winners of this competition. Weigh in day is on the 1st of December. The money collected goes directly into the Enviro Team fund and reinvested into the school gardens/projects the Enviro Team are running.

Each term every team has a duty roster for collecting rubbish around the school and encourages everyone to take responsibility and to keep our environment clean and green.

Great effort to the Enviro Team you are amazing influential students and making a great difference in our school.

Thank you.

Sharon Heeman

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